"For the first 14 years of my life this little house was home to my parents and their four children.  It was crudely  constructed from lumber that was given to my father by an elderly white couple as payment for tearing down their old house.  The lumber was a mixture of hardwood and pine.  The lumber was used to build the walls of the house.  There was no insulation; however, during the summer months, the holes served as an air conditioner to help keep the house cool. This was not true during the winter.  On those cold winter days, my mother would take old rags or socks and stuff in the holds to keep the cold air out."  - Excerpt from Remnant of a Time Gone By  -

Meet Author Gwen Delaine

THE MOORE PLACE COMMUNITY ~ Remnant of  a Time Gone By

Take a journey with me through the history of my great grandfather Tom Moore, Sr. and how in 1905 he established his own farm town the "MOORE PLACE"  in the Black Belt Area of Sumter County, Alabama.  Tom was born December 15, 1869 in Alabama and was the descendent of slave parent. But, he did not allow that unfortunate fact of his life define nor shape who he would become as a man. Instead, he dared to dream and became determined to acquire property of his own in order to provide a better life for himself.  This book contains a collection of true stories and incidents that occurred during my childhood in the MOORE PLACE community. You will experience through my eyes the struggles we endured, the holidays we shared, the food we ate, the houses we lived in, the school we attended and the love that sustained us. These stories are filled with laughter, love, faith, childish mischief, life lessons, ghost stories and some sadness.